In a dystopian future, John Cavender must find a way to deal with his disease, his job, and his roommate without going insane.  When an email ad gives him hope of fixing the first problem, the temptation might be too much not to chance it.  But he may find the cure worse than the disease when agents come looking for it... and him.
The Chimera Chronicles

Reader's Comments for The Future of Change:

"Great read, with lots of twists and turns... scary the way your mind works."

- Rusty O.

"A riveting, action packed look into the future, concerning the unintended consequences of the US government grown out of control...  I highly recommend it!"

- Kenny R.

"Creepy... But awesome!!!"

- Macie T.
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Change in Our Time

Deep in the human mind exists wonders that defy comprehension. Sights, sounds, and abilities that no one else possesses.

How far will Dr. Cambio go to unlock these treasures? Would he be willing to sacrifice the children he now watches over? How could Alex, a five year-old orphan, be able to stop him? Who can possibly stand in the way of..

Change in Our Time